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10.1 Invoice content

Under the current VAT legislation there is a legal definition for the term “invoice” in Art. 3 lit. k VAT Law that reads as follows:


  • An invoice is “any document with which settlement is made for a supply with a third party, irrespective of how the document is described in business transactions”.


The invoice must clearly identify the supplier, the recipient and the nature of the supply and, as a rule, has to contain the following elements:


  • the name and the location of the supplier, in the form in which they present themselves in business transactions, and the number, under which they are entered in the Register of Taxable Persons;
  • the name and location of the customer, in the form in which they present themselves in business transactions;
  • date or period of the rendering of the supply, to the extent it differs from the invoice date;
  • nature, object and scope of the supply;
  • the consideration for the supply; and
  • the applicable tax rate and the tax amount payable out of the consideration; if the consideration includes the tax, the quotation of the applicable tax rate suffices.


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